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The Riverhawk “HRT”: A Hydraulic Rod Tensioner System

What is the Riverhawk “HRT” Hydraulic Rod Tensioner System? The Riverhawk Hydraulic Rod Tensioner (HRT) (Figure 1) system is a compact, two-part tensioning device that can be readily retrofitted to existing studs and restricted footprints. The Hydraulic Rod Tensioner does …

Making a Move to Improve: The Hydraulic Nut

Riverhawk engineers have been working to develop new coating options that will enhance durability and further extend the life of our metal seals used in our high-pressure hydraulic nuts. A hydraulic nut is a device designed to replace large diameter …

What is a Hydraulic Crosshead Nut?

The Riverhawk Hydraulic Crosshead Nut is a hydraulic nut designed for long-service life.  A hydraulic nut provides a quick, efficient method of producing and retaining high clamping forces (preload) in the crosshead joint.  This is accomplished by connecting a hose …

Dealing With a Straight Hub: The Three Methods of Removal and What You Need to Know

What is a Coupling Hub? It is necessary over the course of large-scale turbomachinery’s life to perform maintenance to ensure optimal performance. One such service may be the repair or replacement of a coupling hub that is joined between two …

Effective Length, Clamp Length and How They Relate to Relaxation

Let’s start this discussion by introducing a term used in hydraulic bolt tensioning called elastic recovery, or more commonly just called relaxation; which is the difference between force applied by a hydraulic bolt tensioner and the residual preload left in …

Reciprocating Compressor Maintenance: Crosshead to Piston Rod Installation & Removal

To keep these reciprocating compressors running at their best and prevent unexpected breakdowns many companies choose to implement a maintenance plan. There are many different approaches to compressor maintenance, the area of focus here is going to be around the installation and removal of the crosshead to piston rod connection.

Tensioning for Turbomachinery: Five reasons you should consider using Hydraulic Tensioners for Maintenance and Repair

Using the right tooling and methods is key to preventing unplanned shutdowns. Learn how Hydraulic Tensioning can help.

Press Release: Hydraulic Shrink Disc Now Complies With API STD 671

Riverhawk has announced that the Hydraulic Shrink Disc is now an acceptable alternative to traditional shaft end connections as defined in the newest release of the American Petroleum Institute standard 671(API STD 671).

Manual Hydraulic Pump Kit vs. Air Driven Hydraulic Pump Kit

Hydraulic pump kits are sometimes overlooked as a critical component of maintenance and repair. Learn about the two types most commonly associated with our industry.

Riverhawk HSIG Tensioning System for GE Turbines

Tooling designed to provide users with a significantly reduced lift weigt and new safety interlock to secure the tensioner in place during the tensioning process.

Best Practices for Critical Fastening Applications on Gas Turbines

When it comes to gas turbine maintenaqnce, technicians have a few options fastening. Learn about them here.

Torque Measurement with Strain Gage Technology

Measuring torque in a rotating shaft can be done in a variety of ways. Riverhawk has been producing a strain gage based torque measuring system since the late 1970’s (formerly known as Indikon).

Torsional Vibration in Turbomachinery Shafting

Torsional Vibration of shafting in general is a very broad subject which can cover shafting of greatly varying configurations that respond to a broad range of excitations.

Riverhawk Product Spotlight – Hydraulic Hub Installation Kits

For many years Riverhawk, has provided hydraulic hub installation kits. These kits include but are not limited to: hydraulic pushers, pullers, pump kits and fittings.

Riverhawk Product Spotlight – Hydraulic Tensioning

HET’s are tools that apply hydraulic preloads to studs by gripping the exposed threads above an existing nut. It does this by creating axial loads using hydraulic pressure to stretch the stud rather than torqueing the nut.

Riverhawk Going Green with Hydraulic Oil

New hydraulic oil that is environmentally safe in addition to being biodegradeable.

Riverhawk Product Spotlight – Hydraulic Torque Coupler (HTC)

The Riverhawk Hydraulic Torque Coupler (HTC) provides high integrity keyless fit joints for coupling hubs on shaft ends using convenient, low cost slip-fit designs.

Product Overview: The Riverhawk Torque Blocker

Protects against torque spike and equipment damage when torque overload occur in rotating equipment.

500N Series Vibration Monitoring Systems Development

Riverhawk has a large installed customer base of 500 Series Vibration Monitoring Systems. To better provide continued support to that base and address new opportunities, Riverhawk is developing a new vibration monitoring system designated as the 500N Series. The updated …


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