Hydraulic Puller

Hydraulic tooling designed to assist in the removal of shrink fit straight and stepped bore hubs.


We offer a line of specialized hydraulic removal tooling to accommodate shrink fit coupling hubs. These hydraulic pullers are specifically designed for each hub application and can accommodate a variety of hub styles(keyed, keyless, stepped, etc.). Hydraulic puller tools can be configured to remove the hub in one operation or in stages and can accommodate small DBSE spacing. All hydraulic puller tools are made from hardened alloy steel and coated in black oxide for longevity and durability. Hydraulic pullers are delivered completely assembled with all seals and fittings to match your installation equipment and pressure tested to ensure against leaks prior to shipment.

  • Designed and constructed to match any straight bore coupling hub.
  • Able to be used in conjunction with hydraulic assist or heat during hub removal.
  • Eliminates use of mechanical removal devices.
  • Hardened alloy steel with black oxide coating for durability/repeated use.
  • Pressure tested to ensure against leaks at installation.
  • Delivered completely assembled with necessary seals and fittings.