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Lapping Tools

A set of sacrificial gauges designed to repair light damage or restore the taper to a specific coupling hub or shaft end.

A full range of lapping plugs and rings designed to match specific rotating machinery upon order. The rings and plugs are used in conjunction with a lapping compound to remove minor defects along the tapered surface (scratches, proud material, etc) and restore the original taper. The lapping plug and ring are cross-blued against each other to guarantee full contact along the tapered surfaces. The lapping set can also be designed to mate with a plug and ring gage set. The lapping sets are supplied with a certification and calibration traceable to N.I.S.T. and meet or exceed all API 671 requirements.

  • Designed and machined to match a specific shaft end and coupling hub.
  • Can be paired with a plug and ring gage set.
  • Taper contact 95% or greater guaranteed; bluing tapes provided.
  • Meets or exceeds API 671 requirements.
  • ASTM A48 Cast Iron.
  • Calibration, certification and repair services available.