Hydraulic Shrink Disc

Now Compliant With API 671

Shrink Disc For Diaphragm Couplings
Hydraulic Tensioners

Designed For GE Turbines

7FA.04, 7FA.05, 7EA, 6B, 6FA, 9FA, 9E

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Our Commitment to Safety During COVID-19

Riverhawk is a proud member of the ‘Keeping People Safe and Factories Running’ Consortium through MACNY. This group includes over 20 local manufacturers who have taken a pledge to keep their workplaces safe from the spread of Coronavirus and meets virtually on a weekly basis to discuss ideas, best practices, and plans for keeping their facility safe. For more details or to join, click below.

Our Product Lines


Close up of diaphragm coupling made by Riverhawk

Tension tooling, powertrain couplings, and accessories designed for power generation applications.


Features the Indikon product line of legacy torque and vibration measuring devices.

Flexural Pivots

Compact limited rotation bearings designed for aerospace and clean room environments.

Unique Challenges May Require Unique Solutions

It goes without saying, but the components you need for your equipment are rarely found sitting on a shelf. That’s where our diverse team of engineers and manufacturing specialists come in. If you need it, we can plan it, design it, and build it.

Let’s get to work.

Tooling & Solutions

Tension Tooling

An alternative method of fastening that provides accuracy and repeatability, in addition to saving time and resources in the field.

Diaphragm Couplings

Designed for high performance power trains found on turbomachinery utilized to transmit high levels of torque between shafts.

Coupling Installation Tools

Installation tooling and shaft end technology to enhance user experience and operations of power train rotating equipment.

Torque Management

Custom engineered solutions designed to manage power train torque and increase the longevity of your power train equipment.

Pump Kits

Hydraulic pump kits for bolt tensioning, hub installation and other shaft end applications. Accessories include fittings, adapters and high-pressure flexible hoses.

Engineered Hardware

Studs, nuts, and bolts designed and manufactured for applications that require more than standard hardware offers.

We Support Global Operations



Field Service are ready and available to install new equipment or remove your old.


Training sessions and personal supervision will properly instruct your team on using our products.


Send us your tools and hardware for repair, or have them inspected and certified.


A selection of on the shelf tooling available to rent and use in the field.


“Riverhawk Company never stops innovating new products designed for end users and equipment manufacturers to maintain their equipment. What is even more impressive are the power transmission products they produce in addition to their approach to customized engineering solutions.”

Hurlel Elliot
Engineer & Consultant, Global Turbomachinery Solutions LLC



The expense associated with replacing power train couplings can be very costly, not to mention time consuming. By opting to have your existing couplings refurbished, you can get your operations up and running for a fraction of what OEMs would require for a replacement unit.

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