Diaphragm Couplings, Tensioning, & Instrumentation

Designed For Turbomachinery Applications

Diaphragm Couplings & Accessories

New Coupling 1 - Riverhawk

Diaphragm Couplings

Flexible contoured diaphragm couplings available in high speed, low speed, and reduced moment configurations.

BlueCoupling - Riverhawk

OEM Coupling Repair

Refurbishment of existing non-Riverhawk couplings provide like new couplings at a fraction of cost and lead time.

plug and ring 2 - Riverhawk

Tapered Hub Installation

Shaft connection and prep include hydraulic pushers, pullers, gage & lapping sets, dual pump kits and high pressure fittings.

Torque_Metering_System - Riverhawk

Torque Management

Shaft end and coupling technology designed for torque monitoring and mitigating torsional drive train related issues.

Riverhawk Product Groups


Close up of diaphragm coupling made by Riverhawk

Tensioners, powertrain couplings, and accessories made for turbomachinery applications.


Featuring the Indikon product line of legacy torque and vibration measuring devices.

Flexural Pivots

Compact limited rotation bearings designed for aerospace and clean room environments.

Hydraulic Clamping Hub

Now compliant within API 671(5th Edition), Riverhawk clamp technology replaces traditional hub installation methods, promoting safety and reliability all while reducing cost and assembly time. 

Coupling Bolt Tensioning

Specialized tensioners and hardware authorized by GE for load coupling assembly on various gas and steam turbines. Tensioners for other coupling bolt applications also available. 

Custom Engineered Solutions

Sometimes what you need can’t found on a shelf. If this is ever the case, Riverhawk’s engineering team excels at the design and manufacture of custom non-standardized components.



Field Service are ready and available to install new equipment or remove your old.


Training sessions and personal supervision will properly instruct your team on using our products.


Send us your tools and hardware for repair, or have them inspected and certified.


A selection of on the shelf tooling available to rent and use in the field.


“Riverhawk Company never stops innovating new products designed for end users and equipment manufacturers to maintain their equipment. What is even more impressive are the power transmission products they produce in addition to their approach to customized engineering solutions.”


Hurlel Elliot
Engineer & Consultant, Global Turbomachinery Solutions LLC

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