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Manual Hydraulic Pump Kit

Typically used in situations where the required volume of hydraulic fluid is minimal. Available configurations include a single pump design for small tensioning purposes or a dual pump design for hub installation applications.

We develop a manual hydraulic installation kit designed to be a complete solution. These pump kits are supplied with two pumps, their associated gauges all mounted on a welded sled. All pump kits are supplied with the appropriate fittings, adapters and hoses. The hoses in our manual hydraulic pump kits have swivel fittings at each end with a Derlin inner liner, six layers of wound steel pressure support and a Nylon outer cover. They can be readily flexed to a 10-inch radius for storage. They are both rated for the higher pressure, thus are safely interchangeable. All of the interconnecting fittings use the 60-degree angle cone connection, which is the ‘de facto’ standard for high-pressure equipment.

Manual Hydraulic Pump Kit Overview

  • Eliminates Hard Couple Tubing
  • Plastic Shipping & Storage Container
  • Single Pump Configuration
    • Base Mounted 21,750 PSI Pump and Gauge
    • Supplied with 10 ft. Flexible Hose
    • ISO Grade 32 Hydraulic Oil
    • Pressure Tested to Full Capability
  • Dual Pump Configuration
    • 10,000 PSI and 35,000 PSI Pumps and Gauges
    • Skid Mounted Light Weight Frame (45 LBS)
    • Two Interchangeable 10 FT. Flexible Hoses
    • ISO Grade 32 Hydraulic Oil
    • Pressure Tested to Full Capability

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