Hydraulic Tensioned Nut Tool - Riverhawk

Hydraulic Tensioner Nut

Produces uniform compression of casings, flanges, bearing housings or connection rods and eliminates erratic bolt loads.

Our hydraulic nut eliminates conventional bolt load torqueing inaccuracies occurring from stud twisting and friction losses at the nut face and thread interfaces. The compact standard sizes of our hydraulic nut are ideal for confined spaces or where envelope restrictions prevail.

Whether you tension one bolt or several bolts at a time, our hydraulic nut produces uniform compression of casings, flanges, bearing housings or connection rods. The improved tensioning return of the nut will eliminate excessive and erratic bolt loads. The multi-bolt tensioning serves to shorten assembly and/or maintenance time. Additionally, our hydraulic nut allows for a minimal number of operators. Altogether, this provides for quick and easy installation which, in turn, translates to cost savings.

Hydraulic Nut Overview

  • Unique Metal-to-Metal Seal Design
  • Tolerant to harsh environments
    • Applications up to 500°F
    • Water charged for special application
  • Multi-bolt Tensioning
    • Simultaneous “Daisy Chaining” provides uniform clamp loads and shorter assembly time.
  • Accommodates confined spaces and envelope restrictions.
  • Inherent Safety
  • Forces act along bolt axis and not thought torque reaction arms.
  • Compact Standard Sizes and Custom Designs

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