Torque Management for Turbomachinery

Shaft End Technology for Rotating Equipment

Complete Torque Meter System with diaphragm coupling - Riverhawk

Torque Meter System

Measure and record torque for rotating machinery, test stands and ship board applications. Riverhawk Torque Meter Systems are capable of retrofitting to existing couplings and shafts with minimal modification.

Hydraulic Clamp Hub

The Hydraulic Clamp Hub is an alternative method of connecting coupling hubs to machinery shaft ends. This technology allows for a higher interference fit than traditional methods, thereby allowing significant increase in torque transmission capabilities.

Peak Shaver Safety Hub For Rotating Machinery - Riverhawk

Peak Shaver Safety Hub

Prevent Damage From Torque Spikes

Protects turbomachinery shafts against torque spikes without requiring equipment shutdown.

Torque Blocker

Prevent Torque Overload

Coupling solution that protects connected machinery against extreme torque overloads by disconnecting shafts. Allows disconnected machines to coast down independently for a gentle post event landing.

TB New Torque Management Riverhawk

Torsional Damper

Protect equipment shafts from damage due to unexpected dynamic torque interaction of low level torque signals with shaft natural frequencies.