Shrink Disc For Diaphragm Couplings

Hydraulic Clamp Hub

The Hydraulic Clamp Hub provides high integrity keyless fit joints using convenient, low cost slip-fit designs. Our design eliminates heat at assembly as well as keys, splines, and the need for plug/ring gauges. Shaft ends are simplified therefore reducing design, manufacturing and maintenance costs.

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Shrink disc cutaway of a 3d model

Slip-Fit Components

When used on a straight shaft, the Hydraulic Clamp Hub allows for infinite axial adjustment of the hubs position on the shaft eliminating the need for shimming the coupling length.

Shrink Disc Mounted - Riverhawk

Retrofit To Existing Hardware

In high power density applications, it is the total overhung moment that impacts rotor dynamics. The Hydraulic Clamp Hub allows for designs with smaller shafts and shorter interfaces which translates into reduced overhung moments.

Shrink disc on machine - Riverhawk

Hydraulically Applied Clamp Pressure For High Torque Capacity

High performance equipment often requires high power density. The Hydraulic Clamp Hub provides ultra-secure clamping of shaft elements with reduced a shaft diameter.

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