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Plug & Ring Gauges

Used to ensure the taper of a hub and shaft have proper contact to allow torque transmission. Once the Ring and plug match each other they can be used to confirm the Hub and Shaft have the same taper.

We have designed a full range of plug and ring gages developed specifically for rotating machinery used in the petrochemical industry. Our gauges are supplied with a certification and calibration traceable to N.I.S.T and meet or exceed all API 671 requirements.

  • Full Range – Designed and machined to match machine shaft ends.
  • Taper Contact 90% to 95% guaranteed, bluing tapes provided.
  • Meets or Exceeds API Requirements.
  • Manufactured in most materials including: UNS 8620, 06 Tool Steel, A6 Tool Steel, and Stainless Steel. Double thermal Stabilized for longevity of size.
  • Calibration, Certification and storage services available.
  • Chrome plate repair. All salvaged gauges come with the same warranty as new gages.