Torque Metering System

Measure and record torque for rotating machinery, test stands and ship board applications. Riverhawk Torque Meter Systems are capable of retrofitting to existing couplings and shafts with minimal modification.

Complete Torque Meter System with diaphragm coupling - Riverhawk
probes - Riverhawk

Probes, Transmitters, & Drivers

Utilized to capture changes in position and vibration, this all in one system is capable of precise measurement and exceptional performance in harsh, dirty conditions.

Seismic Sensors (Transducers)

A vibration transducer that incorporates a spring-mass system using eddy current damping which allow for resolutions down to the micro inch range.

Seismic_Sensors - Riverhawk
webdeflect - Riverhawk

Web Deflection Detection System

Designed to work with WebMap2 software, the WDS measures crankshaft distortion due to bearing misalignment and enables corrective action prior to shaft or bearing failure.