HSIG for GE turbines - Riverhawk

Hydraulic Safety Interlock Guard

Designed with safety and performance in mind, the Hydraulic Safety Interlock Guard is a modular tensioner that is engineered for single-user operation and provides full containment of all components during the tensioning process.

The Hydraulic Safety Interlock Tensioner is a Riverhawk exclusive product designed with patented developments. It is a safety system made for tensioning flange connections on GE turbines. The HSIG guard clamps securely to the flange to absorb the energy and fully contain the tool in the event of a failure. The hydraulic interlock prevents the tool from being used if the guard is not correctly and firmly attached to the flange. No other hydraulic bolt tensioner in the world provides the protection and peace of mind that the HSIG provides.

  • Reduced lift weight allows provides easy to manage operation
  • Over stroke protection (when used in conjunction with our patented HRT tensioner)
  • Engineered for containment of intact major sub-assemblies
  • More tactile feedback to the user during installation prevents unsafe operation of the tensioner
  • Interchangeable components that are easily replaced in the field
  • Can be custom designed to fit your application envelope and load requirements

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