The Riverhawk Torque Blocker is a mechanical fuse that can be installed in a drive train. When a torque overload occurs, the Torque Blocker will release and allow the driver and load equipment to coast down separately without damaging downstream equipment. A torque overload might be caused by short circuit conditions in an electric generator, running restart of electric motors, jams in rolling mills, or liquid slugs in compressors. Either way, the Torque Blocker will release at a preset torque value to protect your equipment. After a release occurs, the Torque Blocker can be reset quickly. An operator pumps up the hydraulic clamp, resets the mechanical pins, drains the oil, and the reset is complete. Although hydraulic pressure is used to set the unit, no hydraulic pressure is used during operation so there is no oil spray upon release.

Riverhawk Torque Blockers are well suited for applications that range from 14,000 to 5 million inch-pounds of torque. We are able to adapt to all kinds of shaft connections. Riverhawk can also provide a turnkey coupling and Torque Blocker combination by connecting our Torque Blocker to most any manufacturers flexible, rigid, or gear coupling.

Please take a moment to check out the animation on our website at the link below to see how a Torque Blocker works and contact Riverhawk Engineering with any questions you might have.

This Blog was written by Riverhawk’s Applications Engineering Director Rick Donegan who can be reached directly at extension 136.

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