Over the past several months, Riverhawk has been performing some extensive testing with a new environmentally safe hydraulic fluid. This potential new fluid is biodegradable and therefore much more environmentally friendly. We have undergone numerous test with this oil to make sure it is compatible with the components we use it in. To date, Riverhawk has completed testing evaluating the oils coefficient of friction, compatibility of being mixed with existing oil, effects on the different seal materials and different coatings. We have also tested its ability to mix with water. All the completed testing has gone well and we intend to replace our existing oil with this new environmentally safe oil in the coming months. We believe this change will be a welcomed improvement by many customers as environmental safety becomes a much more important topic in today’s world. More importantly, there is no cost impact to do this. If you have any thoughts or concerns with this change, please be sure to contact Riverhawk.

This blog was written by Business Development Manager Pat McCormack. He is heavily involved in the testing and evaluation of the environmentally safe hydraulic fluid. Please feel free to contact Pat if you have any questions.

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