Riverhawk has a large installed customer base of 500 Series Vibration Monitoring Systems. To better provide continued support to that base and address new opportunities, Riverhawk is developing a new vibration monitoring system designated as the 500N Series.

The updated racks will be 100% compatible with existing modules, while providing more efficient and modular power supplies and relay assemblies. The new modules will be 100% compatible with existing racks while providing improved performance and functionality. The new modules will include color LCD touch screens instead of the analog meters and switches. The LCDs will present more information and the touch screen will provide password protection for the set points and configuration information.

Like the older 500 Series, the new systems will be available in a panel mounted version with three 2” slots for two measuring modules and one control module. 19” rack mounted systems will accommodate six measuring modules and one control module. Each module can provide one or two channels for vibration or axial position monitoring. A variety of other modules will later be available.

Contact Riverhawk to discuss requirements to new applications, upgrading of existing systems, or spares.

This blog article was written by Riverhawk’s Principal Engineering Program Manager for our Instrumentation (Indikon) product line, Gary Wileczka.