The Riverhawk Hydraulic Torque Coupler (HTC) provides high integrity keyless fit joints for coupling hubs on shaft ends using convenient, low cost slip-fit designs. Our design eliminates heat at assembly as well as keys, splines, tapered shafts, plug/ring gauges and hydraulic maintenance equipment. Shaft ends are simplified therefore reducing design, manufacturing and maintenance costs. A coupling hub with an HTC can be easily repositioned anywhere on the shaft end during installation.

In addition to providing for new machinery designs, Riverhawk has also supplied HTC’s for retrofit and repair situations. If a standard interference fit hub slips often, damaging the rotor, or is very difficult to remove, or has to be cut off the shaft end, Riverhawk can offer a repair or upgrade using an HTC. We can provide higher slip torque by increasing interference, but at the same time making removal of the hub from the shaft easier. If you have any further questions about our Hydraulic Torque Coupler or think it would be useful in any of your applications, please feel free to contact our Engineering Department for any technical inquires or our Sales Department for a quote.

This blog was written by Riverhawk Engineer Dan Lauzon. If you have any questions for Dan, you can contact him directly at dan.lauzon (at)


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