Product: Hydraulic Tensioning Nut


  • Increased clamping uniformity and repeatability
  • Reduced assembly time compared to torqued hardware and external tensioning



  • Stud thread size range from ¾” up to 6”
  • Capable of generating loads up to 85% of stud yield strength
Hydraulic Tensioned Nut Tool - Riverhawk



1. Difficult and unpredictable pre-loading of crosshead hex jam nuts using turn-of-the nut method

2. Difficult crosshead alignment

3. Piston rod bending and fatigue failures

4. Piston rod and crosshead slide life

1. Replace original jam nuts with HTN to achieve uniform and predictable pre-loading

2. HTN incorporates spherical washer for ease of alignment

3. Design features prevent piston rod bending and fatigue failures

4. Uniform loading provides longer life piston rod and crosshead slide

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