Product: Hydraulic External Tensioner


• Elimination of galled threads

• Uniform and repeatable loading

• Shorter turnarounds

• Reduced acceptance test periods



• Standard tensioning solution for exposed threads above exiting hex nuts

• Modular design – common load cell with interchangeable puller screws available in any size thread and pitch

• Thread sizes ¾” to 4” for loads up to 615,000 lb

• Simultaneous tensioning as any number of tensioners can be linked together

HET - Riverhawk



1. Non-uniform load distribution between casing halves with traditional torqueing methods and multi-jackbolt torque nuts

2. Resulting leak paths and sub-marginal acceptance tests

3. Extended delivery and commissioning times due to numerous adjustments required to achieve clamping uniformity

1. Uniform and repeatable clamping pressure

2. Trouble-free acceptance testing as leak paths are eliminated

3. On-time delivery and start-up

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