A Demo Of Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts

In this video, Riverhawk Business Development Manager Pat McCormack goes through an overview of Riverhawk Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts, including a demo of application.



To learn more about coupling bolts and other diaphragm coupling installation equipment, click the link below:


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How To Determine If Your Diaphragm Coupling Is In Need Of Service

In this how-to video, Pat McCormack provides viewers in the field with guidelines on how to determine which upgrade is necessary (or not) for turbomachinery diaphragm couplings. 



To learn more about Riverhawk diaphragm couplings or our cost and time saving diaphragm coupling refurbishment service, click the link below. https://www.riverhawk.com/diaphragm-c…

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How To Use A Hydraulic Tension Nut

In this video, Riverhawk’s own Eric Rhymestine provides an overview and hands on demonstration of the popular ‘Hydraulic Tension Nut’.




To learn more about the Hydraulic Tension Nut or contact Riverhawk, click the link below. https://www.riverhawk.com/hydraulic-nut/

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Classification of Torque Transients

In turbomachinery applications, torque issues are often the root cause for equipment damage and instability. To be more specific, these torsional transients cause vibrations that induce stress and imbalance within the machinery itself, which can ultimately lead to costly repair and turnaround.

In this video Riverhawk Engineer and Director of Innovation Robert Whitney lays out the five different types of transients that can cause issues within turbomachinery, and how to identify them.





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