Product: Hydraulic Clamp Hub


  • Alternative solution for standard shaft to hub junctures.
  • Same style of hub fits loosely onto shaft.
  • Clamp then activates and squeezes the hub onto the shaft to provide the same torque transmission capability.


  • Product does not require high expertise/skill level.
  • Clamping hub eliminates scored shafts, dual pumps, plug gages, lapping tools and high pressures normally required to dilate the hub.
  • Safer process done in less time.



1. Galling of leading and trailing edge of hub and shaft ends that is typical on taper.

2. Dangers of using heat to install hub. Danger of fire hazard and personal safety.

3. Danger of using extremely high pressure to dilate the hub, typically 30KSI or more.

4. High skill level is required. It is easy to make a mistake resulting in a stuck hub. Cannot provide step by step instruction, installation is based on feel and experience.

1. No deformation of the hub from high dilation pressure. Slip fit and activate the clamp to squeeze in place.

2. No heat required. Take hub that was heated and open up the bore to a slip fit and install clamp to allow squeezing OD of hub once slid into place.

3. No high pressure required, clamp is typically activated with less then 5KSI.

4. Minimal experience and skill required; can follow step by step instructions with someone that has little to no experience with it.

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