A powerful detection and prevention system for rotating machinery

Vibration Measurement

Our Vibration Monitors measure vibration double amplitude (displacement) or vibration severity (velocity). There are two ways to sense vibration: Relative to the frame or bearing cap using proximity probes or Absolute which is relative to a point in space (i.e. seismic displacement pickups, velocity transducers or accelerometers). Any of these sensor signals can be processed, using the appropriate monitor, into a DC signal proportional to displacement (mils peak-to-peak) or velocity (inch per second peak).

Axial Motion Measurement

Axial Position Monitors measure the axial motion of a machine shaft caused by thrust clearance and further thrust bearing wear using proximity probes. In general, these probes measure distance and, therefore, can also be used to measure machine variables such as rotor position and differential or shell expansion in gas turbines.

Diaphragm Coupling Manufactured By Riverhawk


These monitors are useful in providing an index of condition for rotating machinery. The readings of a vibration monitor reflect the status of variables that affect the performance of the machinery such as bearings, alignment, and balance. By providing early detection of changes in vibration levels, equipment operators can extend the longevity of their machines.

Watch the video presentation

Watch the video presentation