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Hydraulic Rod Tensioning System

A tensioner designed to have a smaller foot print and higher preload capability than standard tensioning tools. Typically used on steam and nuclear turbines with limited stud accessibility and no exposed threads above the nut.

Our Hydraulic Rod Tensioning System is a patented enhancement of our line of standard hydraulic nuts and tensioners, which already offer the industry versatility, flexibility and modular design. With our hydraulic rod tensioning system, design-limiting considerations, such as coefficient of friction due to torqueing, are no longer a concern. This high temperature tensioner for studs and nuts, eliminates the need for temperature limiting seals, lubricants, and coatings.

The concept of the Hydraulic Rod Tensioning System was born of the need for a tensioning solution that could be retrofitted to existing studs and suitable for high temperature applications. This tensioner offers the market a method of tensioning that does not require special features on the stud for gripping. Using the outside diameter of the nut as a gripping surface for tensioning satisfies this need.

We are also able to offer high load capacity by placing the hydraulic cylinder above the stud and nut which maximizes the hydraulic working area for a given cylinder outside diameter.

Hydraulic Rod Tensioning System Overview

  • High temperature capability
  • High load capacity
  • Minimum footprint required
  • Easily retrofittable
  • Simultaneous tensioning capability
  • Hydraulic tensioner separate from nut
  • Stud extension not required
  • Patented design

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