Hydraulic Crosshead Nut

Provides all the features of our standard hydraulic nut, but optimized for extremely high dynamic forces that are typically seen in crosshead applications. 

The hydraulic crosshead nut provides results that OEMs and end-users require in reciprocating compressor applications. Our engineering team has incorporated distinctive design features within the traditional hydraulic nut to prevent piston rod bending and fatigue failures, in addition to the inherent reliability of accurate preloading and repeatability. The crosshead nut supplies uniform loading on the crosshead bearing face to provide long life to the piston rod and crosshead slide, and a special surface coating offers unlimited metal seal life and protection from fretting.

Crosshead Nut Features

  • Accurate and repeatable preloading
  • Maintains straightness of piston rod
  • Designed to prevent fatigue failure
  • Meets API 618 specifications

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