Hyd_Fitted_Bolt_3 - Riverhawk

Radial Fit Bolt

The Radial Fit Bolt consists of a tapered bolt with a tapered sleeve and two cylindrical nuts hydraulically designed as an alternative bolting solution for couplings.

Designed to replace standard coupling bolts, our Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts (Radial Fit Bolt) reduces installation and operational problems created by the use of traditional style coupling bolts. 
  • Ideal for Retrofits
  • Increased predictability of outage time
  • One person installation & removal
  • Established Concentricity
  • Precise fit to maintain concentricity
  • Completely fills the bolt hole thus eliminating slippage and pinching due to poor fit
  • Hydraulically assisted removal if needed
  • Reusable
  • Replaceable outer sleeves
  • Stronger Materials
  • Eliminates sleeve imprint and has greater load carry capacity

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