Radial Fit Bolt – Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts

Radial Fit Bolt Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts

Designed to replace standard coupling bolts, Riverhawk’s Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts (Radial Fit Bolt) reduces installation and operational problems created by the use of old style coupling bolts. During installation of traditional bolts, the required tight tolerance fit insertion into the bolt hole will sometimes cause damage to both the bolt and hole. This can cause galling of both parts thus hampering removal and extending down times.

Riverhawk’s Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts consist of a tapered bolt with a tapered sleeve and two cylindrical nuts. This package is reusable and offers efficient, repeatable performance.

Radial Fit Bolt Overview

  • Ideal for Retrofits
  • Reduced Outage Time
  • Installation and set-up time reduced
  • One person installation & removal
  • Established Concentricity
  • Precise fit to maintain concentricity
  • Completely fills the bolt hole thus eliminating slippage and pinching due to poor fit
  • Fast, Easy Installation and Removal
  • Precision machining with exclusive triple lead puller and tensioner threads
  • Hydraulically assisted removal if needed
  • Reusable
  • Replaceable outer sleeves
  • Stronger Materials
  • Eliminates sleeve imprint and has greater load carry capacity

Radial Fit Bolt Features
In addition, as a traditional bolt is stretched its diameter is decreased creating increased clearance between the bolt and the hole. When this occurs concentricity can be lost and the chances of slippage are increased creating excessive vibration, which leads to forced outages and lost revenue.

In addition to Radial Fit Bolts, we also provide:

To learn more about our Radial Fit Bolts contact a member of our team. We will be more than happy to assist you with your project needs.

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