Peak Shaver

Peak ShaverThe Riverhawk Peak Shaver is a hydraulically activated device that becomes part of a complete coupling system. It works with a flexible coupling to help protect machines from transmitting unwanted forces. The device can either be mounted on the shaft where it would replace a hub or it can be mounted between shafts as a spacer piece.

Peak Shaver Overview

  • Prevents equipment damage due to instantaneous torque spikes
  • Can reduce cost and size of the original equipment
  • Drives through torque spikes
  • Re-grips automatically
  • Simple, Compact and Power Dense
  • Minimal Reset Time / Minimum Loss of Production

Peak Shaver Features

Under normal operating conditions, the peak shaver transmits 100% of the shaft power from the driving shaft to the driven shaft, providing protection when one of the machines experiences a sharp spike in torque. When a spike occurs, internal parts slip relative to one another allowing the two shafts to continue their rotation. After the torque spike has passed, the device then re-grips and once again transmits the normal torque to the load machine.

The Riverhawk Peak Shaver shares its technology with the Riverhawk Torque Blocker albeit it differs in that it’s designed to drive through short duration torque spikes while the Torque Blocker will completely release to protect against torque steps.

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To learn more about Riverhawk’s Peak Shaver contact a member of our team. We will be more than happy to assist you with your project needs.

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