Lapping Tools

Lapping Tools

When specified, our lapping tools are cross matched with the corresponding ring and plug gauge set for a guaranteed minimum of 90% taper contact. Used in conjunction with lapping compound, our tools provide a method of correcting an out-of-tolerance taper to the existing shaft and hub surfaces.

The lapping tools are sacrificial and may wear at a faster rate than the hardened surfaces that are being lapped. If utilized extensively, re-dressing of the taper may be required.
Riverhawk Lapping Tools Overview

  • Made from ASTM A48 grade cast iron
  • Full coverage of mating and female tapers
  • Can be machined matched to existing tapers
  • Guaranteed minimum of 90% taper contact with confirming bluing tapes supplied with certification report
  • Meets or exceeds API 671 and ISO 10442 requirements
  • Storage containers available

We offer standard and custom-designed hydraulic coupling installation equipment options, including:

To learn more about our Lapping Tools contact a member of our team. We will be more than happy to assist you with your project needs.

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