Torque Blocker – Hydraulically Actuated Overload Clutch

Torque Blocker Hydraulically Actuated Overload Clutch

Protect your critical heavy-duty equipment with the Riverhawk Torque Blocker. The Torque Blocker is a hydraulically actuated overload clutch designed to mount between two machine shafts. When set, it forms a ridged connection between the two shafts. Upon a torque overload, the unit releases to allow the two shafts to rotate freely for coast down. The Torque Blocker fits within the coupling spacer that connects the shafts of the drive and driven equipment. It provides over torque protection by releasing when a preset torque load is exceeded.

Examples of overload are short circuit conditions in electric generators, running restart of electric motors, jams in rolling mills and liquid slugs in compressors. After release, the Torque Blocker then allows machinery to safety coast down utilizing the bearings within the unit. Reset is simple and quick.

  • Quick Release Safe Guards Against Severe Equipment Damage
  • Rotates Freely Upon Release for Smooth Coast Down
  • No Sacrificial Hardware to Replace
  • Minimal Reset Time / Minimum Loss of Production
  • No Oil Spray Upon Release
  • Release is Independent of Direction
  • Patented design
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Note 1: The operator can adjust the release torque if necessary. He simply replaces the “torque setting bolts” while resetting unit.

Note 2: Riverhawk also offers an electronic monitor that can signal a release and help to assure a timely shut down of the machinery.

We offer a variety of standard and custom-designed rotating equipment products, including:

To learn more about our Torque Blocker contact a member of our team. We will be more than happy to assist you with your project needs.

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