Hydraulic Safety Interlock Guard Tensioner

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The Hydraulic Safety Interlock Guard Tensioner is one of our newest, patented developments. It is a safety system for tensioning a fastener that projects from a structural member such as a rod, stud or bolt.  Studs, bolts and rods may be tensioned in order to provide a secure mechanical connection between structural members, such as, for example, a pair of opposing flanges on a piece of machinery.

The Riverhawk HSIG  is a new safety guard for our bolt tensioners that includes a patented hydraulic interlock.   Large, highly loaded fasteners store a tremendous amount of potential energy.  A three inch diameter fastener may require an installation force upwards of one million lbf.  If a failure of the fastener occurs during tensioning, the fastener or the tool may become a dangerous projectile.

The HSIG guard clamps securely to the user’s equipment to absorb the energy and fully contain the tool in the event of a failure.   The hydraulic interlock prevents the tool from being used if the guard is not correctly and firmly attached to the equipment.  No other hydraulic bolt tensioner in the world provides the protection and peace of mind that the Riverhawk HSIG tensioner provides.

Hydraulic Safety Interlock Guard

The Riverhawk HSIG tensioning system offers:

  • Reduced lift weight allows single person operation
  • Over stroke protection (when used in conjunction with our patented HRT tensioner)
  • Engineered for full containment of all parts in the event of fastener failure
  • More tactile feedback to the user during installation prevents unsafe operation of the tensioner
  • Interchangeable components that are easily replaced in the field
  • Can be custom designed to fit your application envelope and load requirements

To learn more about our Hydraulic Safety Interlock Guard Tensioner please contact a member of our team. We will be more than happy to assist you with your project needs.

Hydraulic Safety Interlock Guard Tensioner

Hydraulic Safety Interlock Guard Tensioner

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