Riverhawk HSIG Tensioning System for GE Turbines

Riverhawk Company is well known as an engineered solutions provider. We have been challenged over the years to develop solutions across many industries: Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Wind, Industrial and more. General Electric challenged us to upgrade our tooling and develop a safer solution. The GE legacy tooling manufactured by Riverhawk for the GE Frame 6, 7 and 9 is commonly identified with the yellow guard surrounding the tool. The newly designed tooling, known…

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Riverhawk to Participate in Student Shadowing Program

Riverhawk Company is proud to announce that we will be participating in the 45th Annual MVEEC 2019 Project:SITES Shadow Day. This event is being held on March 21st at 11:30 AM at the Harts Hill Inn, Whitesboro, NY. As one of the oldest and most technologically broad STEM Shadowing Day programs within the 6-county Mohawk Valley region, the Project SITES team welcomes any school or home-schooled student willing to participate in the 2019 program. The…

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Best Practices for Critical Fastening Applications on Gas Turbines

Advancements in engineering design and analysis tools have allowed many new products to be developed for maintaining and operating gas turbines. They are not only safer, but they also allow for faster and easier operation as well as cost savings. Some of these enhancements have become best practices in the industry. One specific area of improvement is seen in critical fastening applications. A critical fastening application is any bolted joint that requires accurate and uniform…

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Torque Measurement with Strain Gage Technology

Strain Gage Accuracy Measuring torque in a rotating shaft can be done in a variety of ways. Riverhawk has been producing a strain gage based torque measuring system since the late 1970’s (formerly known as Indikon). Strain gages remain the most accurate and direct way to measure strain in a shaft. Manufacturers of other devices typically use phase shift technology that measures twist across an entire coupling from flange to flange. Over the years, these…

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Visit the Riverhawk Booth

Riverhawk Company will be exhibiting (Booth #1826) at the 2017 Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium. Several members of our Engineering and Sales Team will be available to discuss your applications and how we can help work with you on current and future projects.  Many of Riverhawk’s bolt tensioning solutions will be presented in our booth so customers can better understand how our products work. Along with these demonstration units, we will also have many of our…

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Stick-Slip in Long Shaft Systems

Stick-slip is a phenomenon that occurs in mechanical systems where resistance to motion is due mostly to coulomb type friction. Coulomb friction is characterized by resistance that is one value when contacting surfaces are stationary relative to one another and lower when they are sliding. The threshold between static and dynamic friction forms a discontinuity which leads to a sharp change in resistance across a narrow change in relative speed. This effect can lead to…

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Riverhawk Welcomes Summer Interns

Eric Miller: Eric will be interning in our Quality department this summer. He just finished his Associates Degree in Engineering Science at MVCC and will be heading off to Clarkson this fall. Eric is an Eagle Scout, and enjoys Game of Thrones, the Buffalo Bills, skiing, and playing lacrosse. You can find him exploring the Adirondacks and the great outdoors in his free time. Jared Wrate: Jared is a student at SUNY Poly in the…

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Riverhawk Sponsors Future Entrepreneur

Teen All-Stars is a recognition program created by the Observer-Dispatch 26 years ago to recognize and reward outstanding high school seniors in the Mohawk Valley. A panel of community leaders serve as judges who review hundreds of Teen All-Star nominations that come from more than two dozen schools in a three-county region. Nominations are submitted by teachers, coaches, clergy, parents and peers. All-Stars are well-rounded, active in youth organizations, church groups, volunteer efforts, music, arts…

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Riverhawk Celebrates a New Citizen

Riverhawk employee Davor Kecan officially became an American citizen on May 18, 2017. Originally from Bosnia, Davor came to Utica in 2010 with no understanding of the English language. After enrolling in ESL courses through the local BOCES, he was able to find a job as a machinist at The Light Connection in Oriskany. Davor, who was still new to the area and to our language, credits this position to teaching him English. “Everyone on…

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New Local Representative in Saudi Arabia

Riverhawk is proud to announce the new representations for Saudi Arabia. A’Amal Group is an Arabic economic & business group founded by people with extensive in the Oil and Gas Industries. They are located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, the global hub of oil production, refining and export. A’Amal and Riverhawk both share the ‘customer value’ approach. Together we will be able to provide superior, customer aligned services and local representation in all…

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